I am enough…


At the start of July I spent a week in Scotland, volunteering as a Team Mate on Over the Wall’s Scotland camp for children with serious illnesses. Over the next few days I will be writing more about my experience of camp and what I have learnt but this seemed the perfect place to start.

I learnt a very important lesson at camp – I am enough. I am good enough to chase after my dreams, to make a difference in peoples lives and I am worthy enough of friendship, love and happiness.

On the last night our Team Leader asked us to write down a fear we had at the start of camp, both the campers and volunteers and asked us if anyone wanted to share. At that moment I wasn’t ready to share but I am now. My fear before camp was that I wouldn’t be enough. That I wouldn’t be good enough for camp, that I wouldn’t be able to support the campers like they needed, that I wouldn’t be as good as the other volunteers as I am not as loud and confident as them. How wrong was I?

Learning as much as I did wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the amazing Blue Girls volunteer team who not only encouraged and allowed me to be myself but reassured me that what I was doing was important and that my individuality was needed. I felt safe to try new things, push myself out of my comfort zone, sing silly songs as we walked around camp whilst wearing face paint and have the most fun I have ever had. A huge thank you to you all and to all of the Over the Wall volunteers and staff I met that week.

Please check back over the next few days to see more of the exciting adventures of camp and how it has changed my outlook on life. We can all do whatever we want to do and be who we want to be. But most importantly always remember to do whatever makes you happy and that you are always enough.

P.S. Always remember – You are amazing!


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