I’m always making lists… and lists of lists…

So here’s a list of my goals to achieve before the end 2015  🙂 I think it is important to have goals as they give you something to strive for and reflect upon in the future. If I don’t complete them then I won’t stress, instead I will see if they are still important to me and how I will take small steps to make them happen. They are in no particular order:

  • Be physically healthy – I am healthier than I was at the start of the year and to me, that is all that matters ❤
  • Pass my driving test – Maybe next year… or the year after!
  • Complete Team v – Almost complete, just those last little bits of paperwork to go and then Graduation on July 31st
  • Speak in public in front of an audience – Completed February whilst running a Team v #DoYouCare? workshop at local Secondary school for 250 students
  • Complete a course – I may not have completed a course yet but I am spending more time researching and think I may have just found the perfect one…
  • Run the Manchester Electric Run or climb Snowdon – Hmm.. Not sure this one is going to happen this year – maybe next year!
  • Go on holiday – I am very lucky in that I am going away volunteering with 2 amazing organisations this summer, Over the Wall and Sense. Although they are not holidays, they are better. Knowing I have made a difference will make me just as happy as any holiday would.
  • Achieve my v100 volunteering award – I am about 5 hours off of completing this, hopefully by the end of June 🙂

But my most important goal is to be happy 🙂 To be happy and grateful for who I am, my family, friends and my health.

What are your goals?



3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I overcame a HUGE fear of speaking in public. It took time and perseverance, but I have now spoken in front of groups hundreds of times, to as many as 400 people (once you hit a certain “number,” the number becomes irrelevant, lol). I’m a recovering addict and have been asked to speak numerous times at “anonymous” gatherings. My niece also wanted me to officiate her wedding five years ago, so I became an “internet reverend” (in about ten minutes) and have now officiated a dozen weddings for friends and even friends of friends. When I get a stab of “fear” before doing one of these public engagements, I just tell myself that I love that feeling and that makes me laugh and the fear goes away.

    I love Jerry Seinfeld’s joke about speaking in public: “They say that speaking in public is the number one fear in America. The number two fear is death. That means that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the box than the guy up there giving the eulogy.”

    I’ve also given about a dozen eulogies for friends and loved ones — including one for my dad and one for our youngest boy who died of a drug overdose nine years ago… Having to do a eulogy is always very sad, but it’s also always an honor.

    Didn’t mean to ramble on! Good luck with your goals!! Especially the last one! There is a peace within us that knows no opposite…


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