StoryCamp #1

On Thursday I will be attending StoryCamp, a day of workshops organised by the charity Time to Change. Time to Change is a charity tackling mental health stigma and discrimination. Everyone has mental health, just like we have physical health. However, often people do not talk about their mental health and struggle to get the help they deserve, through misunderstanding and fear of what other people may think. One in ten young people will experience a mental health problem.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet many young people who are also interested in mental health and hearing their stories. I will be sharing my own experiences, something which will be new to me. I know it will be a fantastic day and my nerves will pass as soon as the day begins.

I will be posting an update of the day on here next week but if you’d like to follow us on the day please check out #StoryCamp and this StoryCamp. This is the start of a new journey, a new range of blog posts and hopefully I will learn a lot along the way.

Talking about mental illness can be difficult, as can supporting someone through their journey of recovery. It can be incredibly scary at first and full of ‘what if’s…’. What if I’m not good enough? What if I am too fat/too thin? What if they think badly of me? I am sure everyone knows these questions.

So here is a little quote to remind you that you are enough & you are amazing 🙂