Reverse Advent for The Gingerbread Centre #25daysofkindness

Throughout the month of December I hope to complete an act of kindness every day. I hope to raise awareness of local charities and support those around us this Christmas who may be forgotten in the crazy rush that December can be. The first day of Christmas Kindness sees the beginning of the Reverse Advent Calendar for The Gingerbread Centre.

The Gingerbread Centre in Stoke on Trent provides support and accommodation for homeless families and single pregnant women. Throughout the year they provide supported accommodation for 22 homeless families, offer mental health support and education or workplace skills training. Catherine Court is also home to Gingerbread’s Young Parents supported accommodation unit, which provides support to pregnant or parenting teenagers ages 16-18 and their children.

The Reverse Advent Calendar is very easy to take part in. All that you need to do is add an item to the box each day and then get in touch when it is full and they will come and collected. These boxes will then be sorted through and distributed to those who need them most on the 20th December.

If you would like to find out more information about the Reverse Advent Calendar or would like a box to be delivered so you can take part click here.

Each day I will be updating with my #25daysofkindness act, please check back to see what I’ve been up to. It is all too easy to get bogged down in thinking you need more and more stuff to make you happy. My hope is that throughout this month I become more grateful for everything and spread a little happiness along the way 🙂


Random Acts of Kindness #doyoucare

As part of the ‘Do You Care?’ Campaign I am currently part of I will be asking people ‘What do you do to show you care?’. Showing you care about someone can be something as small as smiling at them as you walk past them in the morning, making someone a cup of tea or writing them a letter. Simply saying Thank You to someone can brighten their day.

So, as part of this campaign I challenge you to complete one Random Act of Kindness between the 9th and 28th February. This could be absolutely anything that makes someone smile or shows them you care about them. This can be towards someone you know or a complete stranger. Then post a photo, video or even just a short status post about what you’ve done on a social media platform of your choice including the hashtag #doyoucare.

Over the  next few weeks I will be posting ideas of Random Acts of Kindness you could perform but of course you could do absolutely anything.

There are more than 166,000 young carers in the UK and there are thought to be many more unrecognised, not accessing the support they need. A very simple random act of kindness could be writing a message of support to young carers and sharing it online. Your happy message could make the difference to someones day 🙂

Between 9th and 15th February it is International Random Acts of Kindness Week (#RAKWeek2015), see here for more details. You could help our ‘Do You Care?’ campaign reach people internationally simply by tweeting your act of kindness along with both #RAKWeek2015 #doyoucare – it really is that easy!

Happiness is infectious and you’ll probably find once you start recognising how you care for someone that you’ll want to do it even more! You are amazing – now go out there and make someone smile 🙂